Monday, November 23, 2009

A Girl Called Gus and the Case of the Spider In My Shower.

I have a spider in my shower.

He has been living there for about two weeks now.

Way up in the corner.

Has hardly moved.

His name is Eugene.

He's still alive, but is not much of a socialite.

Thought I would introduce you to my spidey friend, Eugene.

Eugene, this is the world.

World, this is Eugene.

Here is my pointless blog.


Becca said...

I had a spider named Abe in my bathroom for about a month once. He would move from corner to corner, just doing his spidey thing. One day however, he disappeared. Poor Abe.

bryn the dancer. said...

i wonder why he was called 'abe' though..... hehehehe

Kelsey said...

Yeah. He just stays in one corner. Once he did venture to another corner, otherwise he just stays where he is.

Becki said...

i had a fly with a gimpy wing that lived in my house for about a week he really liked to hang out on my computer screen. he was nice...until he got knocked into the garbage disposal as i was running it...
rest in peace Nemo Fred III (& abe too)