Thursday, November 11, 2010

Raise Your Hand If You're Insane.

Some part of me thought that college would be easier than high school. I thought I would escape the guys that talked about inappropriate things. I thought I would escape the arrogance and the craziness. But I didn't. There are still those guys that I would love to punch in the face. There are still those people that love to talk about themselves. Isn't this place supposed to be about maturity? High school was rough. I was put in lockers, thrown in trash cans, spit on, called awful names, and made fun of. Although college hasn't been that bad yet, I guess I just had high hopes. The truth is that college is hard. All new people. Tons of work. College is asking almost too much for a 21st century student. "Do your homework. Oh wait but you need to study for this exam. Wait you need to go to church. Wait you haven't seen your friends in weeks. Wait your personal life is falling apart. Wait how long has it been since you have read your bible? Wait how many hours of sleep did you get?" There are not enough hours in a day these days. A few more hours would be nice. Balance is a rare commodity these days. I find that I am holding on by a thread sometimes. And even better I am broke, unemployed, insomniac, losing touch with all of my friends, and its only the first quarter. I don't like this. The only good part of college is bible study. I wonder if I could steal a bachelor's and masters degree without actually going to college....hmm. Satan is loving this. he is trying to hit me where it hurts. Its very possible that I will be in a coma by the end of the year. hip hip hooray college is dumb. Worth it?
Thus, concluding the ramblings of an overwrought crazy person.