Monday, October 5, 2009


I sit here, without much to do simply because I am sick. I have done nothing today but watched sporadic episodes of the office, watch old movies, read, and sleep. Today I have managed to go the entire day without any major accomplishments other than making a glorious grilled cheese sandwich, and stay on facebook for over 10 hours, (this is ridiculous I know). Subsequently, today has made me see how much I truly have. How so many people all over the world continue to feel worse than I do, without food in their stomachs, and actual problems such as where their next meal is coming from, when I simply walk to the refridgerator, or how far they are going to have to walk to get water, when I simply walk to the faucet. When I think of all of the poverty, all of the worldwide hurt, I see my life as pretty darn good. I see my life as a favor to those hurting. To those who need help. I continue to yearn to serve. I want my life to simply be in servitude to others and God. I have nothing else to offer but my heart and my time. Might as well give it all. So as I look upon my current sickness, and although it may not be the grandest of times, I really don't have it that bad.

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