Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Will Not Be Afraid

Okay well today I was just sitting on my bed studying for anatomy, and all of a sudden, I felt completely down. I felt horrible about myself, and something was telling me to purposely hurt a dear friend of mine. This is where I knew I was being oppressed. My first reaction was to grab my Bible and begin to frantically read aloud froma random page in it. The words I read were about God's mighty power and capabilities. At this moment, the song changed on my ipod from something I wasn't really listening to, to a vbs song called "I will not be afraid." The lyrics being:

I will not be afraid,
though trouble's out there,
night and day.

No I will not,
be swamped with fear.
Since God is always, always,

always, yeah I know He's always here.

I don't need to worry,
because my God takes care of me.
He gives me life,
He gives me breath,
yeah everything I need.

He's got all the power,

and His power sees me through.
He always does exactly

what He says He's going to do.

Yes this is a vacation bible school song, but it fit perfectly with the situation. It is amazing how quickly God reacted. He is so good. When I am oppressed He is helping me through. Shielding me from the worst. I am yours God.

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