Friday, October 22, 2010

Learning Experiences

Well let me begin my saying that God is crazy. He is introducing me to people that are so in love with him and that are helping me become closer to Him and help me learn more. I am not really sure what God is up to, but He's up to something. I keep screwing things up everyday, and yet He still loves me. Lately things, on occasion, are rough, but he's helping me through, helping me grow more and learn more. I ask for patience and He gives me cars that are going 55 when they should be going 65, He's giving me people that are arrogant, discriminatory, judgemental, naive, and annoying, He's given me a cat that won't behave, He's given me things that I've heard on the news that break my heart and make me angry, but I am learning. He is answering. Sure I still freak out in my own impatience, but I am learning. He is helping shield me from temptation. He is showing me how to use the gifts He has given me. God is good. 8-)=


mighty mouse. said...

sounds like God is really good for you <3

but i just want to say hahaha i never ask for patience because i cannot handle the situations i know would be left for me LOL
good for you for wanting it anyway ;D

Kelsey said...

yeah well I usually fail and just freak out but I'm trying to get better. It doesn't come without moans and groans on my part. Whenever I ask for patience my week begins to suck, but I really do want to get better.

Thanks bryn dear.