Monday, August 16, 2010

A Girl Called Gus And The Case Of Summer Greatness.

Summer is a lovely thing.

Went to Portland for a birthday thing where we were followed by numerous creepers, lost basically the whole time, and had wonderful bacon maple bars from the famous voodoo donut shop.

We all decided to make a trip out to the Tree of Life in auburn. It truly is a great and wonderful tree.

This was a sign that someone had changed around to say "F Old People." One of the greatest jokes of the entire trip to Republic.

We then went to the lake where we decided go on an adventure where we "frolicked" through the wildflowers.

The Team.

This summer has consisted of wonderful friendships, interesting escapades, and has been full of memories. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I guess there is really no point in continuing any further. That's all folks.

Kelsey Jo Gus


Becca said...

This really has been a fantastic summer. One that will never be forgotten. Thank you for being so amazing Kels. I love you <3

Kelsey said...

Thank You Becca. I love you.
We will have other summers besides this one, but this is the very last summer we have before college. Let's make the best out of the small time we have. :))