Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Chronicles of Gus and the Curious Case of Edible [and possibly quite disgusting] Amusment Parks for the Palate.

These are all things that I have found while searching on the website All of these are things that have shocked me and have simply made my day. Enjoy...

Tony’s BLT
One pound of fried bacon on a toasted Italian bread with lettuce, tomato and mayo. (Not that you would know that anything else besides bacon was present)

IHOP Who-Cakes
Inspired by Horton Hears a Who! : A stack of five pancakes drenched in boysenberry and blueberry syrup, covered in rainbow-colored chocolate candy and topped with a pink Dum-Dum lollipop.

Chipwich on a Stick
Ice cream dipped in chocolate, rolled in sprinkles and peanuts, sandwiched between two fresh waffles and served on a stick.

The Icingcano
Bottom layer of brownies, topped by a layer of chocolate cake and a layer of red velvet cake, smothered in Oreos mixed with frosting, rice Krispies, marshmallow fluff, meringue and chocolate pudding.

The Bacon and Chicken Narwahl (I WILL make one of these)

Meta Meat Cake
Four types of sausage, bratwurst, chorizo, ground beef, ground pork, diced ham, Canadian bacon, pepperoni, hickory smoked bacon, hot cappy, queso blanco, provolone and sharp cheddar, wrapped in sausage, bacon and cheese ball dough and baked. Then decorated with American, cheddar squeeze cheese and bacon strips.
Now that my arteries are slamming shut as we speak and I wish to never visit Who-Ville, I bid you adieu.
Fare Thee Well imaginary fellow blog-readers.


Becca said...

Haha, thanks for this Kelsey. Most of these have made me want to become a vegetarian, especially the last one. Thanks for the laugh :)

Rose said...

the last one is named after me. ;)
and the one with a waffle on it looks really good.

Kelsey said...

Haha you are more than welcome.
I can hear my arteries slamming shut as I look at them. ;)

Kelsey said...

I want to try the waffle one Rose.