Monday, December 13, 2010

Current Confessions.

I would sell my leg for some balance in my life right about now.
I'm gauging my ears which my mother isn't so fond of.
I'm less passionate about God right now.
I'm five weeks behind on my bible study in a year.
I'm jumping up to God as Satan is pulling me down.
I'm losing touch with friends.
I haven't read something that isn't required in months.
I'm losing patience for everything that is coming. A family. A career of ministry.
Bloody hell...

the end.


Becki said...

did you just read my mind? i feel the same way (about most of it)
we should hang out next week


Kelsey said...

Yeah for sure. Today was my last day of school until january so Im basically free for awhile.
hope it all gets better.