Friday, March 4, 2011

A Father killed His Son for an ant....

This life is constantly getting harder and easier all at one. I'll be able to breathe and then something will come in and trash my heart with graffiti and vandalism. Then those scars begin to heal and I'll be able to breath for a short while. All I really know is that I worship a huge and wonderful God that sacrificed his own Son for me. Its as if a Father and Son were walking down the street together and the Father looked down and saw an ant that He truly loved. That it was worth the blood, the hurt, and everything else. He sacrificed His own Son for this ant He saw on the ground. I am equivalent to the ant on the sidewalk. This blows my mind. This love knows no boundaries. It is steadfast. So while I am constantly weary, He is my solid rock upon which I stand. What can touch me with God?

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