Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World.

I feel like I'm being consumed by the world and being pulled away from the kingdom of God.
I am jealous, anxious, angry, and fearful, all of these are emotions that God tells me I shouldn't feel. I shouldn't be jealous of someone else. I shouldn't be anxious about whether or not I'm doing the right thing. I shouldn't be angry at people. I shouldn't be fearful of going in the wrong direction.
This whole facebook-fasting thing hasn't done me well quite yet.
My lack of fellowship I feel is leading me astray.
I just want a telegram from God that gives me a map of what I should be doing right now.
He confirmed for me many times that I should be where I am, but it seems satan is getting in the way of this. It feels like he is reaching into my heart and yanking on my heartstrings until all that is left is the bad stuff---the stuff that I don't want anyone to see--the stuff that creates confusion and the "bad emotions" mentioned above. ^^.

This blog seems to do nothing more than to release some of the stuff that is on my mind.
My followers seems to have reached the number five. wahoo. I was never striving for fame anyways.
If you are reading this, Becca, Becki, Sarah, Rose, or Bryn, please pray.
Thank You.


Anonymous said...

praying. and i love you. hang in there.

remember Jeremiah 29:11

Becca said...

Im praying too love. Life has a lot of ups and downs, and sometimes it seems like more downs than ups. But God promised to walk with us through it all. I love you also. Call me if ever want/need to talk! <3

Becki said...

paying. love you. call, text or email me any time you need someone to listen
p.s. my email is beckibreece@yahoo.


Rose said...

kelsey jo i love you. i am praying. i have missed seeing you. i would say text me but i am going to text you tomorrow that way it's not something put on you. again i love you and i'm praying. <3

Kelsey Jo Gus said...

Thank You all for your love and support.